Our AR & VR Solutions and Services

Discover all of the different AR & VR solutions we offer and find out more about how we can help you and your business

Architectural 3D visualisation

Bring your architectural designs to life in a fully immersive, interactive and photorealistic environment. We use Unreal Engine, one of the most advanced video game creation platforms for architectural firms, construction and real-estate companies.

Let your investors and stakeholders understand what it is they’re building with a VR replication of the project they’re working on.

Empower your architects to make better decisions in the design process.

Plan your building project more effectively from the beginning.

Pitch and sell your ideas more effectively, as your customers will be able to clearly see what it is you’re offering.

As part of our architectural visualisation services we offer:

3D architectural modelling

3D exterior rendering

3D interior rendering

architectural animations

Metaverse consulting & development services

Enter a world where your brand is brought to life like never before with our Metaverse consulting, design and development services.

Immerse your customers in a virtual Metaverse world shaped by your unique aesthetics, attributes, values, and mechanics.

The Metaverse represents the future for all businesses. You can use it to:

With the interactive experiences, interactive simulation training and virtual tours that we offer, you can often achieve fantastic results at a fraction of the cost of ‘real-world’ alternatives.

Virtual reality production solutions

Blend traditional filmmaking techniques with Unreal Engine to achieve photorealistic or stylised real-time graphics for TV, film and video games with our virtual production services.

Empower your directors, producers, storytellers and cinematographers to all see, immediately, how their creative project is coming together with virtual production. Other benefits include:

With virtual reality & augmented reality, producers can see a representation of the finished special effects early in the production process.

This allows collaborators to alter or correct any narrative visions early in the production process, saving time and money.

Includes Previs, Pitchvis, Techvis, Stuntvis (action design), Postvis & live compositing (also called Simulcam).

With easy, real-time immersive 3D visualisations, your creative team can really work more collaboratively together for the best results on VR games and virtual film production.the finished special effects early in the production process. borderborder

VR Division Academy — providing 3D Artists’ Internships & Education

Unlock your full potential in the Real-Time 3D and CGI industries with our VR Division Academy.

Whether you're a new 3d artist, a budding developer, or a team lead on an Unreal Engine project, our academy offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of the industry.

Unlock your full potential in the Real-Time 3D and CGI industries with our VR Division Academy.

Hone your skills from an authorised training centre.

Empower individuals and full teams to achieve their full potential.